Visit Guide

Date: 27-29 March 2024

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Opening Time

March 27   8:30-17:00

March 28   8:30-17:00

March 29   8:30-15:00

Instructions for visitors:

The exhibition is only open to professional visitors over the age of 18, admission is free.

Students and children are not allowed to visit!

Visitor registration method:

If you are interested in visiting, please contact the organizers to get the ticket.

Or conduct online pre-registration

Holders of tickets:

1. Please fill in the visitor registration form at the visitor registration office

2. Then hand in the completed form, tickets and two business cards to the audience registration counter and receive the audience badge for admission.

3. Those in the industry who do not hold tickets can also fill in the audience registration form and get the audience badge at the counter of the audience registration office with two business cards for free admission.

Successfully online pre-registered visitors:

Please take the confirmation letter or SMS printed with the registration number together with your business card to the audience registration counter at the exhibition site to get your audience badge.

Tips: all visitors need to bring ID cards or passport before going to visit.

Contact Us:

Tel: 021-61270375


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