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Shanghai Modern Underwear Expo (MUE)


The First Expo of the Underwear and Body Fashion Industry in 2020 — Shanghai Modern Underwear Expo (MUE)

Under the background of new retail, an increasing number of enterprises, distribution, trade and manufacturers of fashion, leisure, sportswear brands have begun to get involved in body fashion products that include various types of bras, underwear, thermal underwear, home wear, pajamas, sports underwear, socks, etc. Meanwhile, some enterprises have shown strong momentum in operating many kinds of products relying on the publicity via the internet and new media. According to statistics, Chinese market of personal products was about RMB200 billion by 2019.

The 2020 Shanghai
Modern Underwear Expo (MUE for short), founded by Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from March 2 to 4. The expo centers on B2B trade fair, and mainly displays various body fashion products, able to satisfy professional visitors’ demands for OEM processing, overseas trade, distribution and agency, brand cooperation, etc. It’s the first expo in the underwear industry at the beginning of the new year.

As a professional underwear platform in East China, MUE
had a debut in 2019, receiving many praises from the market. It focuses on East China and reaches the world, filling the gap of lacking a professional underwear exhibition in the region. Meanwhile, its positioning of a professional platform for all categories of underwear products has been widely recognized by enterprises, including exhibitors of small underwear products: Queena, Baozi Underwear, Sihai Tongda, Mulin Textile, Juxi Textile, Qiancaifeier Knitting, Mena Underwear, Diyuan Clothing, Yuebaiyi Clothing, Wanshuya Industrial, Fenlian Knitting, Nanhai Yixin Clothing, Haoyu Clothing, Panyang Shifan, Eternity Industrial, Hongzhanfa Industrial, etc.; exhibitors of big underwear products: Honey Me, Kaka Trade, Qiaomanqiu Clothing, Feimushi Underwear, Jieshang Clothing, Xintai Knitting, Shanheng Clothing, Chunzhilan Clothing, Yixianchuang Design, Lika Trading, Shangyi International Trade, Shanheng Clothing, Yingzhulian Textile, Qianyi Trading, Suteng Clothing, Jinzhao Clothing, Haiyu Clothing, Yixiangyi Clothing, etc.; exhibitors of fabrics and accessories: Dade Runcheng, Xintai Knitting, Qingyang Textile, Ying Hua Industrial, Yizhuo Clothing, Ouziya Textile. A large number of well-known manufacturers will participate in expo and compete with their products on the same stage.


Another highlight of the MUE 2020 is that the 15th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo and Shanghai International Fashion Show organized by sister companies will be held concurrently, which will, in addition to the underwear exhibition hall, present more than 20 categories of products, including cotton socks, silk stockings, sports socks, baby socks, trendy socks, leggings, hats, scarves and gloves, etc. These events will smooth out barriers and create perfect connections between the sock market, underwear market and fashion market, so as to better serve the order demand of many clothing brands of all categories and the chain terminal.

In addition, in order to keep up with the cutting-edge trend in the industry and improve the overall level, the organizers will host Modern Shanghai” ZHONG HAO CUP Shanghai International Body Fashion Products Design Award 2020 for the first time at the exhibition site. This competition will bring together participants from 104 universities including Tsinghua University, Donghua University, China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Wenzhou University, Wuhan Textile University, Southwest University, Jiangnan University, Tiangong University, Guangxi Normal University, etc. With girl’s purity and ultimate temptation as the main lines of design, the final product competition will take the form of dynamic catwalk show at the exhibition site on March 3.

There are 2 months before the expo. Please visit the official website of the expo: www.underwearshanghai.com or call the organizers for specific details.

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