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Special Columns of Body Fashion Products

Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo (MUE) cooperates with Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo (CHPE) to jointly develop the underclothes fashion industry

In the new retailing social context, underclothes covering a number of categories such as hosiery, underwear, underpants, thermal underwear, homewear and pajama, attract increasing engagement from enterprises, dealers and traders in the fashion, leisure and sports fields. Some of these enterprises have shown their strong vitality for multi-category operation by relying on Internet and new media advertising. By 2019, China is statistically expected to have an underclothes market size of RMB 200 billion. 

The 2020 Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo (MUE) organized by Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. will be held from March 2 to 4 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Focusing on B2B commerce & trade show as always, the expo will display all kinds of bra, home wear, pajamas, sports underwear, thermal underwear, men / women's underwear, fabrics and accessories, lace and other products, and present professionals of relevant area such as brand enterprises, product distributors, import and export traders and retailers a grand festival on channel expansion, brand cooperation, procurement negotiation and commercial promotion in this trade.

MUE CHPE = To comprehensively integrate channel resources between hosiery and underwear industry

As one of its highlights,the 2nd Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo will be held simultaneously with the 2020 CHPE that is sponsored by the sister company. The MUE will then exhibit over 30 categories of products including leggings, bras, homewear, pajamas, sports underwear, thermal underwear, men's/women's underwear, etc. from more than 700 exhibitors in total, and attract nearly 20,000 visitors. Given that the hosiery market and the underwear market share highly similar market channels, the hosiery exhibition visitors also have the demand for underwear products each year. Therefore, the next two exhibitions will also be held at same time for further cooperation after the first successful attempt. 

Moreover, the sponsor will also hold the “Modern Shanghai” Shanghai International Body Fashion Products Design Award at the exhibition hall, so as to enable the exhibition to be in line with the industry's cutting-edge products and improve its overall level. The Award has two groups including the hosiery group and the underwear group, which will be closely linked to the two exhibitions through the dynamic shows. It is hoped that the exhibition can integrate the entire industry chain resources from fabrics, design to manufacturing and brand application through such competition so as to expand broader market space for original designers and create more participation values for exhibitors.  


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